M. Adil Yalçın

Ph.D. Student CV

Human Computer Interaction Lab Department of Computer Science University of Maryland College Park Contact
2117 Hornbake Building University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 20742


How can we make rich visual data analysis easier to understand for a wide audience? My current studies focus on many aspects of this question. My solutions become part of Keshif, an open-source, web-based, rich and easy-to-use faceted browsing library. Check out one of over 40 public demos using various data collections.

I work with Prof. Ben Bederson for my Ph.D. thesis studies. I am a research assistant for Teaching and Learning Transformation Center (TLTC & UMD), exploring data driven ways to improve teaching and learning. I am also a member of Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) and UMIACS.

Formerly, I worked on high performance visual computing using GPUs, developed OpenREng (Open Rendering Engine for modern OpenGL), multi-resolution terrain rendering and physical deformation simulation, and general purpose programming on GPUs.

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